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Land 4 Developers

Designed for small construction companies and residential property developers the Land4Developers database provides information on land, conversion and renovations across the UK with planning permission for residential development. The comprehensive search tool is updated daily and includes multiple plot listings for five or moreClick here to join Land4Developers or see a demo dwellings. It also lists brownfield sites, such as warehouses and disused office space, which have permission for residential development. No greenbelt or agricultural land is included on Land4Developers so each plot represents a genuine residential development opportunity.

Land4Developers is a unique and essential tool for professional, amateur and aspiring property developers. You can browse through residential plots of land and larger scale renovations/conversions from the comfort of your desktop with the knowledge that the information is fully up-to-date.

Click here to join Land4Developers or see a demoIn complete contrast to “investment land” search tools, Land4Developers only lists genuine residential opportunities. (The term "investment land" refers to land with no planning permission but which may have in the future. Be warned, this is as risky as it sounds and there is no guarantee that your investment land will get planning permission - you could be left with land that can't be built on.) Your lifetime subscription gives you access to details of all opportunities in five UK counties of your choice and offers you the reassurance that all listings have been verified and either have or are capable of getting planning permission. Land4Developers saves you valuable time and effort, widens your options and gives you a helping hand in the property development market.

Land4Developers Lifetime
Apply now for lifetime membership to Land4Developers for the five counties of your choice, additional counties can be added at the point of purchase (at additional cost). Aerial photography and PlotAlert options are also available at extra cost. Click the link to check current prices. Join Land4Developers Lifetime

Visitors to the Addstone should also be aware of the Plotsearch product which is specifically tailored to meet the needs of the prospective self-builder, i.e. someone looking to construct a single property as opposed to the "five properties +" that are filtered by the Land4Developers package. Click here to read more about the PlotSearch range of products.

Please Note:

The Land4Developers products and website are owned and operated by Buildstore Limited. Addstone (UK) Limited is not responsible for the content of such external sites. Subscribers to the Land4Developers service should always read and agree to the Buildstore terms and conditions prior to joining the service.

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