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Traditionally, finding a place to self-build your dream home has been one of the greatest hurdles a potential self builder has had to overcome. In many regions there is a real problem finding suitable land for building your Click here to join Plotsearch or see a demoideal property.

Plotsearch, a sophisticated product from Buildstore, is a neat package for accessing the National Building Plot Register and assisting self-build hopefuls in finding their perfect building plot. This database is probably the UK's most comprehensive and up-to-date source of self-build opportunities with over 6,000 plots conversions & renovations listed. Approximately 9,000 sources are used to create the register and it is updated daily.

Three Self Build options are available from Plotsearch, with a fourth "Professional" option giving access to a greater number of Counties:

Plotsearch Quarterly
6,000 sites at your fingertips and all plots confirmed as genuine self-build opportunities (not green belt or investment land). For an extremely small fee this product gives you access to data on three counties of your choice for a period of three months. Click Plotsearch Quarterly to learn more.

Plotsearch Lifetime
This service gives lifetime membership to Plotsearch for the three counties of your choice, but at just 50% extra cost than the 3 month option - Incredible Value ! Learn more about Plotsearch Lifetime

Plotsearch Lifetime Gold
Plotsearch Gold offers all the facilities of the Lifetime Access package, plus ALL "bolt-on extras" such as Aerial Photography, Plot Alert and Plot Share - PLUS an extra 2 counties giving you 5 in total. The use of aerial photography makes this one our clear favourite ! Click for a demo or Join Plotsearch Lifetime Gold now.

Plotsearch Professional
Plotsearch Professional allows you to view all details of self-build opportunities in EVERY county in the UK by initially selecting your 5 preferred counties and thereafter changing when required. Changing your counties on this subscription is free. This is an annual service. Join Plotsearch Professional or learn more ...

Click here to see demos and view the great prices on these invaluable self build tools.

Please Note:

The Plotsearch products and website are owned and operated by Buildstore Limited. Addstone (UK) Limited is not responsible for the content of such external sites. Subscribers to the Plotsearch service should always read and agree to the Buildstore terms and conditions prior to joining the service.

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