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Self Build Finance

Up to 20,000 people build their own homes each year but unless you're in the fortunate position of being cash rich obtaining a self build mortgage or finance for a self build project has, in the past, been no easy task. But now a company named BuildStore has created innovative packages specifically tailored to the requirements of self-builders and they have already supplied financial services to thousands of self-builders.Click here to learn more about BuildStore self-build finance

BuildStore Accelerator Mortgage
The revolutionary Accelerator mortgage is an exclusive BuildStore product which gives self builders the kind of choice available to house purchasers and comprises a range of products from a variety of lenders. It has been specially designed to give a positive cash flow by releasing funds in advance and provides up to 95% borrowing on the land and then up to 95% borrowing on the build as it progresses.

This award-winning self build mortgage is so flexible it can enable you to stay in your own home until the new house is complete. Read more by clicking here.

BuildStore Advance
Advance is short term bridging finance for self builders and renovators who will not require long term borrowing on their new property. One feature which makes Advance particularly attractive is its flexible lending criteria which enables a wide range of self builders to take advantage of it.

Click here to learn more about BuildStore self-build financeBorrowing is based on your ability to pay the monthly interest on your short term loan, as evidenced by income or from savings and investments, or from a combination of them both. This makes Advance perfect for people whose income is not sufficient to justify the full amount of the loan but who have savings or investments which can go towards paying the interest on the loan.

With Advance you can borrow for up to three years; two years to build your new home and one year to sell your current house. This gives you adequate time to complete your project. If you do finish your project and sell your current house earlier then there are no problems since you can repay your Advance loan at any time during the three years without penalty. Click here to read more about Advance.

Click here to see read more and decide for yourself about the benefits of the BuildStore products.

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